Wellness Plans

We’ll support you to achieve your wellness goals using natural alternatives like natural supplements, diet and lifestyle changes!

Digestive Wellness

Dysfunctional gastrointestinal processes vary widely. Chronic abdominal pain with persistent or recurrent tendencies may be associated with abnormalities in bowel function and structure. The prevalence of gastrointestinal problems presenting in this way ranges anywhere from 5 to 20% of people being affected. (7)

Based on current research findings, the ingredients in our protocol have demonstrated efficacy in improving a variety of factors associated with gastrointestinal upset or digestive dysfunction.

Pregnancy support

Pregnancy may be a difficult time for some individuals, with various challenges. From nausea and vomiting to meeting various heightened nutritional requirements, supplemental nutrients can be a very useful tool for expecting mothers. (Khorasani 2020


Based on current research findings, the ingredients in our protocol have been associated with improved health outcomes in women who are pregnant.

Prostate Wellness

As men age, it is important to address common health concerns such as lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH has been cited to affect up to 50% of men aged 51-60, and up to 70% in men aged 61-70. (11) Although it may seem natural to associate LUTS and BPH with prostate cancer, there is currently no direct link between the two. (11) However, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer affecting men. (19) Due to the nature of prostate cancer, risk also increases with each decade of age, similar to BPH. (1)

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We can help you to use natural alternatives like lifestyle changes and diet changes, to achieve your wellness goals!

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