Diversity Shops is before all a community of people with an unconditional love for All. The community brings everyone together: artists, designers, thinkers, writers, musicians, etc …

We strive every day to grow our community and make it known.

Being a member of the Diversity Shops community means to belong to a positive dynamic that builds the world of tomorrow.


” We must live for each other and not against each other. ” Abbe Pierre.

” True brotherhood is not that of blood, it is that of sharing. “African proverb.

The community we are building through this e-commerce marketplace is based on solidarity and sharing because your success will be ours.

We engage to serve and support our vendors and customers 24/7.


While selecting the vendors we put a strong emphasis on the quality of the products they offer. Indeed we fight against counterfeiting.

Quality does not only concern the tangible product, but also concerns the images and the service we offer. On our website we provide tools to support vendors to put their products online. With this in mind we also ensure that products are identified in the right category with the right description and a good quality of image.

We want to offer the best products on the market to our customers.


Security is our workhorse. That’s why payments on our site are secure and all our transactions are done through the HTTPS security protocol (with the “S” indicating secure). This gives us a trust guaranteed from vendors and customers.

Similarly, we make sure that the vendors who registered on our website are real vendors with real products.


This is not a simple e-commerce marketplace like other. We are building a community. This is Diversity Shops in motion.

Amazon, Alibaba, and why not Diversity Shops…